Book One

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Book One

Book One is the first book (and story arc) to fall under the EWLU banner. It will outline how the world works, and introduce the first few characters. It is expected there will need to be at least 3 books, minimum, for the first story arc.

The current plan as of 8/7:

Ava Lockhart is a huge reader of Erika Winter's work. She loves the themes involved and reads them to escape her unhappy real life. She somehow runs into the Negotiations Demoness, and is tricked into giving up (something of value, but not what she planned) so that she can have her life be more interesting. She is sucked into the EWLU world, in which the modern world has a fantasy world unknown to the modern world.

Book one antagonist: Anahita Khan. She is Ava's boss and a big proponent of corporal punishment in the workplace. Real "step on me, mommy" type energy that Ava doesn't feel any ability to cross or stand up to. Tall, statuesque, beautiful. Very expensive clothing, tailored to show off her impressive figure. Anahita is a middle manager at Dunwich, Inc. At some point, the Moonlight Queen is alluded to.

Book two antagonist - werewolves. Moonlight queen referenced more.

Book three - ??? ultimately Anahita gets her comeuppance (I love a domme forced to sub), and Ava presumably stays in the fantasy EWLU. Moonlight queen appears?

Book one beats:

Ava backstory Ava is unhappy at work, Anahita is really mean Escalating corporal punishment? dubcon\coercion - an increasing pattern of "you can't possibly be serious / I assure you, I quite am serious" Eventually Ava is over Anahita's lap and spanked. Ava is humiliated, but also excited. Ava goes home, miserable

Negotiations demon is in Ava's house, basically a meet cute Negotiations demon is in a human appearance - which can be literally anything As usual, Negotiations demon offers to make her life more interesting, and takes (something unexpected), and screws Ava over and sends her to the EWLU Cliffhanger ending: Ava hears howling in the near distance?

Everything else TBD