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What is the EWLU?

The EWLU is a shared literary setting. The characters in the EWLU all live in a shared world and continuity, and can cross over.

The EWLU takes place on an alternate Earth (also called Earth), in which there are two different worlds living side by side, seperated by geography. The modern world ("Modern") is as we know real-world modern Earth.

The fantasy world ("Fantasy") takes places on continents unknown to Modern. There is a mystical veil masking each world from each other (think Wonder Woman's home island, Themyscira).

Fantasy is a stereotypical fantasy world, full of untold dangers. All types of supernatural creatures will exist in Fantasy... and can sometimes enter Modern, at the right time of year, when the veil is thin.

Virtually all of the contents of this wiki are Not Safe For Work (NSFW) due to adult content and nudity. You have been warned.