Moonlight Queen

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The Moonlight Queen is a major villain in the EWLU. She resides in the Fantasy area. As of yet, there is little known as to how she will develop.

She originally was an intern at Dunwich, Inc named Elodie Alarie. Once she entered Fantasy, she spent time as a Chevalier.


Why did she become a Chevalier? What do Chevaliers do? What tragic thing happened? How did she become the Moonlight Queen? What is her motivation? Why is she evil? What are how powers? Whom does she command? What are her domains?

Can she cross into Modern? (I assume no)

AI generated images:

Elodie Alarie during her time as a Chevalier:

Elodie Alarie after becoming the Moonlight Queen

The Moonlight Queen (lewd)